Does money buy happiness?
Urszula Woźniak


Short bio:

A fifth – year student of Graphic Design Department in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Book design and editorial design constitute her main interest. cooperates She ( She is responsible for its graphical content. The author of many books created in book design studio in the Academy of Fine Arts ( Recently she published a book for children entitled “Wojtek spod Monte Cassino“ and a new one is coming soon. The winner of the honorable mention in the 10th edition of AMS poster competition. Homepage: with the sociocultural quarterly “Kontakt“ (publishing house:

Why did you want to participate in this workshop?

The topic of information design is not developed enough in Poland. This is why she considered the workshop an ideal opportunity to get an insight into the complexity of this domain. She hoped to gain some new experience under the instruction of professionals.

Source of your data:

World happiness report launched at United Nation in 2011

Goal of your project?

I would not suppose that happiness could be measured. However, is it not interesting what makes us happy? Who is the happiest and how does happiness depend on money? These questions, among others, are answered in the report launched at United Nation in 2011, which became a base for my project. Diagrams presented on the poster form a smiling face. The “eye“ depicts the correlation between the GDP of one country and its factor of happiness. It shows that money not always decides about happiness, which is also underlined in the title of the project. The "blinking eye" displays the most decisive domains to feel happiness in life. The "smile" shows a relation of age and happiness. The “nose“ presents the optimistic score of the global happiness factor. The poster is hoped to make the audience appreciate its happiness, or to make it reflect on the “blinking eye“ to analyze what it misses…