Why pay your rent?
Maciej Sarna

Short bio:

I graduated from Psychology at Jagiellonian University, studied animated film at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. I make animated films, illustrate medical books and web sites, I'm an author of picture books, make installation pieces in art gallery spaces. Aside from this I shoot and edit videos, design posters, cd covers and software interfaces.

Why did you want to participate in this workshop?

More and more human activity concentrates around a computer with an internet connection. Everyday we have to deal with huge amounts of information. Visualizing complex information and good interaction design gets more and more important. So a workshop on visualizing complex structures on paper and screen appeared to be a great necessity. Approach to visualizing information concentrated on problem not on any media in particular, presented by professor Dan Boyarski convinced me to participate in this workshop. Professor Boyarski delivered plenty of astonishing examples of data visualization and presented couple of systematic methods of constructing communication, but most of all was a great facilitator of our works during the workshop.

Source of your data:

Annual financial report, presented by an administrator to inhabitants of my housing estate.

Goal of your project?

I realized a project entitled “Why pay your rent?”. At the beginning, my goal was to make understandable an annual financial report, presented by an administrator to inhabitants of my housing estate. Originally it was very hard to understand, although it was simply about incomes and expenses. Very soon I realized that the data there was incomplete and illogical, so I couldn't follow my project as I intended. In the process of thinking about the problem I was struck by the existence of a virtual, abstract “creature” called “the community of owners”. The community has a legal personality, owns bank accounts, does energy billing, hires and fires service providers. But no one has ever seen it. The community formed by flat owners is in fact separate from them. Not only it is not them, but also for example it can charge them penalty interest because of delayed payments. This inspired me to tell the story of this body-less creatures beginnings. I made a big poster first, then the story developed into an animated short.


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