Poverty in Poland
Anna Kacka

Short bio:

I was born in 1990 in Bytom and soon after my parents decided to move to Zakopane. This is a small town, in the south of Poland, were traditional highlander music, craft and art sometimes tend to be overwhelming. Somehow influenced I have been practicing different sorts of arts since early childhood. I received my BA Degree Graphic Design of Academy of Fine Arts In Wrocław. During this time I also studied one year at Academy of Fine Arts in Brunswick, Germany. Currently I continue my education in MA Degree at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. I work easily with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Flash. Nevertheless the manual creation also gives me a lot of pleasure. I have very broad interests, but I am mostly dedicated to and prize information and identity design. I love to travel, change places, meet new people, be active - it always helps me to bring some fresh air into my designs.

Why did you want to participate in this workshop?

I have always been missing mathematics and chemistry classes since I graduated high school and entered the Academy of Fine Arts. That is why I am fond of information design. For me it is one of fields of art which allows to combine graphic with logical thinking. I was really happy when I heard about the possibility to take part in Designing Information Workshop. I also had thought, that it is a great possibility to go for shopping in famous second-hands in Cieszyn:) The workshop turned out to be intensive, interesting and and full of great knowledge, and I really appreciate that I was able to take part in it.

Source of your data:

Central Statistical Office in Poland

Goal of your project?

In the last few years I have been under impression, that more and more poor people came visible in the polish streets. However, according to the information from the television and magazines, the percent of people who are poor in Poland dropped down. I checked the reports of Central Statistical Office in Poland and found the explanation for this situation. In the poster and animation which I made during the workshop I explaind, how the government measures the poverty, to which groups of society the poverty is the reall endangerement, and how the information, which gets to the wider public differ from the reality.